Welcome to the UGEC 2014 Conference Synthesis website!

The information provided herein was compiled using multiple media sources, including the responses to the pre-conference Synthesis Questions written by participants, conference presentations as well as audio recordings of the conference sessions, in order to provide a comprehensive account of the discussions and the information that was learned and shared at this event. 

Here is a quick primer on how to use the site.

You can explore the synthesis site in a number of different ways including: 

  • Conference Session (listed in numerical order)
  • Conference Theme (each theme includes a short summary and all sessions related to that theme)
    • Theme 1: Urbanization Patterns and Processes
    • Theme 2: Urban Responses to Climate Change: Adaptation, Mitigation, and Transformation
    • Theme 3: Global Environmental Change, Urban Health, and Well-Being
    • Theme 4: Equity and Environmental Justice in Urban Areas
  • Special Sessions: This category includes our two UGEC Synthesis Sessions and a session on Livable Urban Futures, a UGEC/Stockholm Resilience Centre project on advancing urban research into Future Earth.

Other site options include:

  • Media:  This contains videos of the conference panel sessions as well as conference participants’ answers to the UGEC Conference Questions of the Day. 
  • About Conference:  This includes general information about the conference, including a list of participants, the conference concept note, and the plenary sessions.

What you will find in our Conference Synthesis

Each session includes:  a session abstract, key discussion points taken from comments, questions and answers that took place during the session, and a list of organizers and presenters

Each individual presentation also provides synthesis material, which can include the presentation summary, key lessons learned, policy/practice implications of the research, and knowledge gaps and needs for future research and practice. Click the presentation title on the main page of the session to view this material.


Click here to download a PDF version of the Conference Synthesis


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