Christopher Doll, United Nations University – Institute of Advanced Studies, Yokohama, Japan

Presentation Title: A tool to assess co-benefits in the urban transport sector



This presentation outlined a methodology that has been used to construct a tool for developing a city-level inventory of the urban transport system. The avoid-shift-improve framework is used to simulate policy options in the main areas of transport policy. The tool is designed to be user-friendly and outcomes are reported in an interactive format, which shows how different policies affect emissions of greenhouse gases, air pollution and energy use. It also provides a function to assess how emissions and energy will develop over longer time periods, and is publicly accessible through the internet.  The discussion included how dissemination of the tool will build a database of input data, which can be used to fill data gaps among prospective users and how results can be compared against those in the database. Finally, there was consideration for how the tool could be extended to provide information on a wider range of co-benefits including those pertaining to urban health from different mobility strategies.