Conference Sessions

Session 14: Human dimensions of urban heat islands

Keywords: extreme heat, health, urban, risk, climate change, urban heat island


Session 16: Building resilience in Asian cities

Keywords: local adaptation plan, multi-level governance, strategic planning process, Taiwan, Asian, urban resilience, research, policy


Session 17: Ecosystem services in support of livable cities

Keywords: ecosystem services, human well-being, case studies, disservice, greenspace, climate adaptation, governance, cities


Session 20: Urban health and Global Environmental Change: Interdisciplinary perspectives

Keywords: urban health, climate change, heat, epidemiology, healthy cities, systems approach, environmental change and health, urban planning and health


Session 25: Contested agendas or aligned objectives? Intermediation and the role of non-state actors in the low carbon urban transition

Keywords: Comparative urbanism, intermediaries, low carbon transition, non-state actors, urban politics, governance


Session 26: Urban social and institutional responses to global environmental change

Keywords: vulnerability, resilience, mitigation, adaptation, spatial planning, climate policy, social innovation, urban governance, policy learning, sustainability transitions, adaptive capacity, transformative capacity


Session 34: Co-benefits of addressing global environmental change in urban areas

Keywords: urbanization, biodiversity, ecosystem services, climate change mitigation, co-benefits, urban development


Session 39: Urbanization, biodiversity, and ecosystem services

Keywords: biodiversity, ecosystem services, habitat conservation, urban expansion, urban ecology


Session 40: Urban land teleconnections: From concept to implementation

Keywords: indirect impacts, consumption, urban metabolism, migration, material flow trade


Session 42: Resilience in the urban landscape: Improving human well-being

Keywords: ecology, well-being, urbanization, nature


Session 44: Footprinting and low carbon urban infrastructure development

Keywords: green growth, infrastructure, city, investment, climate change, urban carbon footprints, individual carbon footprints, climate change mitigation, lifestyle, consumption, climate policy


Session 52: Urban metabolism: The environmental impact of cities

Keywords: urbanization, land transformation, agriculture land change, agriculture production, impact mechanism


Session 53: Urbanization, agricultural land loss, and food security

Keywords: urbanization, agriculture, food security, ecosystems, land use


Session 54: A new science of cities for responding to Global Environmental Change

Keywords: urbanization science, urbanization, synthesis, complexity


Session 56: Towards livelihood security and social justice: The urbanization, infrastructure and governance nexus

Keywords: urbanization, infrastructure, livelihood, water, governance


Session 61: Regional perspectives on urban transformations for adaptation to climate change

Keywords: climate change, adaptation, sustainable development, urbanization, transitions, land use change, disaster risk management


Session 63: Challenges in the developing urban world: Informal settlements, slums, and growing inequalities

Keywords: informal settlements, inequality, poverty, urbanization, sustainability


Session 64: Influence on urban health in the global south: Identifying the challenges

Keywords: health, Global South, transitions, determinants


Session 67: Forecasting urbanization: Population and land dimensions

Keywords: population, forecasting, land use/land cover


Session 70: Resilience and adaptation strategies for transitioning to a sustainable urban future

Keywords: resilience, adaptation, transitions, sustainability


Session 72: Urban weather and climates: Assessments and responses

Keywords: climate, weather, meteorology, climatology, climate hazards, urban heat island, precipitation, air pollution


Session 79: Drivers and patterns of urbanization: Towards a typology

Keywords: typology, urbanization


Session 90: Shared learning across coastal cities: Impacts, vulnerability, and socio-ecological responses

Keywords: coastal cities, disaster risk reduction, climate change, adaptation, disaster management, resilience, governance


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