David Maddox, The Nature of Cities, New York, NY, USA

Presentation Title: Resilience in the urban landscape: Improving human well-being



This presentation discussed who gets to define the ‘good’ city and the discovery of how people talk about what makes good and useful outdoor spaces.  Examples of citizen participation, both direct and indirect, include the development of a linear park in Buenos Aires and the use of 311 in New York City to request street trees.  Equality of access to parks, especially linear parks, needs to increase world-wide. 

 Key Lessons Learned

  • We want our cities to be livable, sustainable and resilient.   There are nature-based solutions that involve all three.
  • We need to ask residents how they want to use ‘outdoor spaces’.  Communication of ideas around nature and ecosystem services need to be framed in such a way that the ideas can reach the most people with the least amount of difficulty and confusion.