Jose Antonio Puppim de Oliveira, United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan

Presentation Title: Building capabilities for co-benefits in urban areas: Linking local planning and Global Environmental Change through innovation



Urban co-benefits are the result of planning processes and the implementation of initiatives that simultaneously contribute to tackling global environmental problems (e.g., biodiversity loss and climate change) and solving local development problems. The field of planning has been slow to incorporate the need to address global environmental challenges in local planning practice. However, recently we have seen a series of initiatives in urban areas that have resulted in the improvement of local development outcomes and the mitigation of global environmental problems. This research looked at what types of technological capabilities cities need to acquire that could support and stimulate co-benefits and how cities (sub-national governments) can build those capabilities.

The research aimed to examine the socio-technical transitions that lead to co-benefits based on the growing literature in the area of socio-technical transitions and applied this framework to analyze a series of empirical cases in China, India, Brazil and Indonesia.