Keitaro Ito, Kyushu Institute of Technology, Kitakyushu, Japan

Presentation Title: Resilience in the Urban Landscape: For sustainability, we need collaborative nature restoration




Three projects in Japan have enhanced the local ecological networks and provision for ecological education, especially for children. The first project involved the restoration of a riverbank next to a dam; The second was the restoration of a city park where children were asked to participate in its design and construction.  The final project converted a play yard at an elementary school in Fukuoka into an active biotope.  Again, children were asked to take part in its design and construction.  Research has found that the amount of types of play increased;  about 170 kinds of play were observed in this converted school yard.

Key Lessons Learned

We must establish practical methods of people’s participation and collaboration for designing urban nature based on biodiversity and ecological design.