Keng-Ming Hsu, National University of Tainan, Tainan, Taiwan

Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Presentation Title: Coping with climate change in urban Taiwan: Lessening urban vulnerability and strengthening social resilience



In the 21st century, the traditional method of construction cannot resolve the issues of current climate risk. Only through further understanding of the aspects of human/social vulnerability and strengthening resilience, can we improve the overall disaster prevention system. The principal purpose of this study was to review and compare the related literature, both international and domestic, on the social aspects of climate change. The critical comparison can lead to the detection of a 'research gap' between international and domestic research in the field of emerging urban social issues and strategies toward climate change.

Key Lessons Learned

International scholars explore indicators classified by five types. In contrast, domestic scholars only compile four types.