Conference Presentations


14 -- Human dimensions of urban heat islands -- Wen-Ching Chuang, David Hondula, and Matthias Ruth

Critical perspectives on vulnerability assessment: Case studies of heat stress in Phoenix, AZ - Wen-Ching Chuang

Assessment of localized urban climates and associations with air pollution and synoptic weather patterns - Aaron Hardin

Challenges associated with projecting urbanization-induced heat-related mortality - David Hondula

Modeling the feedbacks between socio-economic changes and Urban Heat Islands - Onur Ozgun and Matthias Ruth


16 -- Building resilience in Asian cities -- Diane Archer and Shu-Li Huang

Experience of planning the local climate change adaptation plan: Lessons and expectation - Hung-Ping Huang

National climate change adaptation policy and initiatives of the local adaptation plan for Taiwan - Fie-Yu Kuo

Addressing Global Environmental Change in two Indonesian cities: Policy change and path dependency - Rukuh Setiadi

Multi-level governance in building the urban climate change resilience in Vietnam: Experience from the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network of Vietnam - Bach Tan Sinh

Influencing policies for community-driven urban climate change resilience: The case of Gorakhpur City, India - Shiraz A. Wajih

Framework and procedure for the local climate change adaptation planning in Taiwan - Chia-Tsung Yeh


17 -- Ecosystem services in support of livable cities -- Darryn McEvoy, Alexei Trundle, and Jun Yang

Agricultural land development processes differentiate wetland restoration methods toward creating an ecological network in Japan based on The Netherlands - Yuji Hara

The simplification of urban ecosystems structure affects soil processes and soil biodiversity - Alessandro Ossola

Urban ecosystem-based adaptation: Lessons from the land of drought, fire and flooding rains - Alexei Trundle

Building the linkages among urbanization, ecosystem services, and human wellbeing - Jun Yang


20 -- Urban health and global environmental change: Interdisciplinary perspectives -- Melanie Boeckmann and Shih-Chun Candice Lung

Developing an urban health research programme using the systems approach - Nordin Hasan

Using a systems approach to design a green transportation system for better urban health under climate change - Candice Shih-Chun Lung

History and feedback dynamics of technology choice - Katrina Proust


25 -- Contested agendas or aligned objectives? Inter-mediation and the role of non-state actors in the low carbon urban transition -- Harriet Bulkeley, Andres Luque-Ayala, and Simon Marvin

Local government, climate change and public-private interaction: The case of Orebro, Sweden - Mikael Granberg

Positioning the university as an urban climate change actor: Governance, responsibility and opportunity - Sara Fuller

Local government climate change alliances  as intermediaries in low carbon urban transitioning in Victoria, Australia - Susie Moloney

Strategies, scenarios and politics of decarbonisation in Paris - Jonathan Rutherford


26 -- Urban social and institutional responses to Global Environmental Change -- Sue-Ching Jou and Marc Wolfram

Adaptive city and local climate policies in Taiwan: Institutional alignment and policy transfer - Sue-Ching Jou

Fostering societal change: Interdisciplinarity and interactivity in support of sustainability - John Robinson

Synergies and trade-offs of urban spatial planning in mitigating and adapting to climate change in Taiwan - Szu-Hua Wang


34 -- Co-benefits of addressing Global Environmental Change in urban areas -- Wan-Yu Shih

Optimized spatial planning against sustainability objectives - Daniel Caparros-Midwood

The cooling effect of green infrastructure: A case study of Taipei metropolis - Wan-yu Shih


39 -- Urbanization, biodiversity, and ecosystem services -- Burak Guneralp, Peter Marcotullio, and Karen Seto

Analyzing urban resilience and sustainability through a social-technological-ecological system approach: Lessons from the Cities and Biodiversity Outlook project - Thomas Elmqvist

Futures of global urban expansion: Uncertainties and implications for biodiversity conservation - Burak Guneralp

Global urbanization-biodiversity tensions to the year 2100 - Peter Marcotullio

The global sustainability of urban water sources - Rob McDonald

The cooperative governance of urban ecosystems as commons - Harini Nagendra


40 -- Urban land teleconnections: From concept to implementation -- Michail Fragkias, Burak Guneralp, and Dagmar Haase

Population mobility, livelihoods, and urbanization in the Brazilian Amazon - Alisson Barbieri

Four manifestations of urban land teleconnections - Burak Guneralp

Road development, rural and urban land-cover changes and urban expansion - Stephen Leisz


42 -- Resilience in the urban landscape: Improving human well-being -- Thomas Elmqvist, David Maddox, and Harini Nagendra

Urbanization, biodiversity, and ecosystem services - Thomas Elmqvist

Resilience in the urban landscape - for sustainability, we need collaborative nature restoration - Keitaro Ito

Resilience in the urban landscapes: Improving human well-being in rapidly urbanizing Africa - Shuaib Lwasa

Taking advantage of BIG DATA and the internet of things to advance the social-ecological study of urban system complexity - Timon McPhearson

What is a good "urban"? Who decides? Stories around a lost lake in Bangalore - Harini Nagendra


44 -- Footprinting and low carbon urban infrastructure development -- Joni Jupesta and Lutz Meyer-Ohlendorf

Low carbon city infrastructure development paths of DKI Jakarta towards 2030 - Retno Dewi

Economic incentive policies to the development of green buildings in China - Ping Jiang

Bottom-up urban CO2 emissions: A consistency check with tow-down national estimates - Tsung-Chen Lee

Investment risk and return analysis for low carbon city development in Yokohama - Takako Wakiyama


52 -- Urban metabolism and the environmental impact of cities -- Alexandros Gaspartos and Peter Marcotullio

Diet changes in Tokyo and their environmental impact - Alexandros Gasparatos

Urban GHG emission footprints: Meanings and methodological issues - Peter Marcotullio

Extending urban metabolism through political-industrial ecology: Water supply infrastructure for Los Angeles - Joshua Newell


53 -- Urbanization, agricultural land loss, and food security -- Stephan Barthel and Xiangzheng Deng

Impacts of urbanization on agricultural land: A model-based analysis in China - Xiangzheng Deng

The effects of urbanization on the loss of ecosystem services of agricultural landscape in Taiwan's western coastal plain - Ying-Chieh Lee

Agricultural land loss and urbanization in China: Analysis from the perspective of land competition - Qian Zhang


54 -- A new science of cities for responding to Global Environmental Change -- Michail Fragkias, Jose Lobo, and Karen Seto

Collaborative conceptual modelling: Unraveling the complexity of urban systems - Barry Newell

A new science for cities and Global Environmental Change: An overview - Michail Fragkias

Social and economic tipping points in urban adaptation potential: Reason for concern? - Matthias Garschagen


56 -- Towards livelihood security and social justice: The urbanization, infrastructure and governance nexus -- Federick Ato Armah, Antje Bruns, Hartmut Fuenfgeld, and Mark Pelling

Urban adaptation to climate change: A case study of Madimba settlement, Lusaka, Zambia - Obed Kawanga

Adaptive capacity and climate justice: Reflections on two projects in Victoria, Australia - Susie Moloney


61 -- Regional perspectives on urban transformations for adaptation to climate change -- Shuaib Lwasa, Patricia Romero-Lankao, and David Simon

Risky change? Bridging state and non-state divides in Vietnam's transforming urban risk governance and drawing lessons beyond - Matthias Garschagen

Using spatial scenarios to explore possible transformation pathways for African cities - Richard Sliuzas


63 -- Challenges in the developing urban world: Informal settlements, slums, and growing inequalities -- Humphrey Ngala Ndi, Geoffrey Nwaka, and Prakash Chandra Tiwari

Regional development fortunes and the growth in slums in developing world cities - Humphrey Ngala Ndi

Urban growth and assessment of its natural and socio-economic risks in high mountain  ecosystems: A geospatial  framework for institutionalizing urban risk management in the Himalaya - Prakash Chandra Tiwari


64 -- Influences on urban health in the global south: Identifying the challenges -- Carsten Butsch and Frauke Kraas

Acting on social determinants of health to promote healthy urban settings - Surinder Aggarwal

Environmental change and malaria in Maroua, far north Cameroon - Humphrey Ngala Ndi


67 -- Forecasting urbanization: Population and land dimensions -- Carson Farmer and Peter Marcotullio

Changing global patterns of urban exposure to flood and drought hazards - Inci Guneralp

Urban population change and its implications for energy demand and carbon emissions in China - Jun Li


70 -- Resilience and adaptation strategies for transitioning to a sustainable urban future -- Christopher Boone, William Solecki, and Andrea Young

Principles and criteria for urban resilience: A critical analysis of the literature - Ayyoob Sharifi


72 -- Urban weather and climates: Assessments and responses -- Chandana Mitra and J. Marshall Shepherd

Influence of land cover on microscale outdoor human thermal comfort in a tropical city - Winston Chow

A study on the cooling effects of green spaces onto the residential areas of Leipzig - Madhumitha Jaganmohan

Urban climate projection in Tokyo for the 2050's August by the 4-km horizontal grid spacing RCMs: Impact of RCM and urban scenario - Hiroyuki Kusaka

Urban heat island intensity of Kolkata city and methods to ameliorate its impact - Chandana Mitra


79 -- Drivers and patterns of urbanization: Towards a typology -- Karen Seto

Urban form as a technological driver of CO2 emissions - Thomas Crawford

Urbanization and landscape change in a newly developing country: The case of Vientiane, Laos - Ayyoob Sharifi


90 -- Shared learning across coastal cities: Impacts, vulnerability and socio-ecological responses -- Xiangrong Wang

Differential vulnerability and dilemma of responses to climate change in low-income coastal communities in Lagos - Peter Elias

Community governance for disaster recovery and resilience: Four case studies in the Philippines - Ebinezer Florano


UGEC Special Session -- Livable Urban Futures: Transitioning urban into Future Earth -- Thomas Elmqvist, Patricia Romero Lankao, and David Simon