Rukuh Setiadi, Griffith University, Gold Coast, Australia

Presentation Title: Addressing Global Environmental Change in two Indonesian cities: Policy change and path dependency




Significant changes in policy orientation regarding climate change adaptation are evident in the cities of Pekalongan and Semarang, Indonesia, although they demonstrate contrasting policy directions. The extent to which these policy orientation changes overcome structural barriers to local adaptation in practice was the focus of this study.

Key Lessons Learned

Results reveal that the changes in policy orientation in the city of Pekalongan are closer to the idea of overcoming path dependency in comparison to the case of Semarang. Two factors are found to play an important role in shaping the direction and pace of change: previous experiences of the city governments in dealing with the issues, and the availability of opportunities.

Knowledge Gaps and Needs

A long-term program of intervention based on robust research and reliable calculation is required to overcome path dependencies that would not be easy for these city governments alone to develop and implement.


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