Sue-Ching Jou, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

Jing-Chein Lu, Central Police University, Taoyuan, Taiwan

Presentation Title: Adaptive city and local climate policies in Taiwan: Institutional alignment and policy transfer


This study examined and compared the adaptation of climate change-related polices in Taipei City and Pingtung County, two of Taiwan's most populated urban areas and most heavily impacted by climate-related disasters. Climate-related plans and other governmental documents were reviewed in combination with in-depth interviews with key policymakers to analyze the implementation by the two local governments. By comparing the similarities and differences of the case study areas with other model international cities, it demonstrates the ways in which local governments in Taiwan are coping with the impacts of extreme weather and purposefully enhancing urban adaptation. Further exploration of how these climate-related policies and programs are shaped under international institutions, networks of climate change and domestic institutional settings was included.